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The Technical Test Analyst is responsible for creating and executing comprehensive test strategies, emphasizing the quality, reliability, and scalability of software applications. This role involves close collaboration with cross-functional teams and requires strong analytical skills to meet customer and project requirements effectively.

We’re looking for an experienced Technical Test Analyst who wants to join our team and contribute with their skills and experience. In the team, we inspire and help each other with technical problems so that we can constantly improve. We have a motivating environment, so at all times, we strive to support any activity that can lead to the creation of something new or the improvement of existing processes. To truly thrive in our company, we’re looking for a candidate who has the initiative to learn and thinks critically.

Job description

  • Develop and execute test plans, test cases, and scripts based on project requirements.
  • Conduct a variety of tests, including functional and non-functional, with a focus on manual testing and occasional automation.
  • Work with project managers to identify and prioritize defect-related risks.
  • Close collaboration with developers, architects, and other stakeholders in defect and issue management, including their identification, documentation, investigation and resolution.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in functional and non-functional testing and test analysis.
  • Active collaboration in improving testing methodologies and staying updated with industry trends.

Tech skills

  • Strong knowledge of the testing process, including creating test plans, test cases, and scenarios.
  • Proficiency with testing tools such as JIRA, TestRail, Postman, and others.
  • Understanding of SQL for testing indatabase and json, xml data structures.
  • Ability to comprehend business requirements and ensure that test scenarios align with the business logic of the application.
  • Capability to analyze technical aspects of software and identify potential issues.
  • Bonus: Basic knowledge of programming languages like Java, Python, C#, or others, with an emphasis on creating test scripts.

Soft skills

  • Strong communication skills for effective interaction with customers and other stakeholders, with a focus on listening and understanding their requirements.
  • Analytical thinking for detailed analysis and issue identification.
  • Critical thinking for evaluating test results and identifying problems.
  • Problem-solving ability for addressing unexpected issues that may arise during testing.
  • Organizational skills for managing test plans and timelines.
  • Commitment to delivering high-quality products and ensuring that testing contributes to this goal.
  • Adaptability to rapid changes in the project or development environment.
  • Teamwork for effective collaboration with various team members and stakeholders.

In summary, the role of a Technical Test Analyst necessitates a blend of technical expertise and soft skills to guarantee the quality and performance of software applications. By continuously improving and applying these skills, you can excel in this position at Moxymind.

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