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We founded Moxymind in 2014 with the goal of making software testing better. We believe in innovation and progress. Better testing, better software, better world.

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Our Values

  • We are constantly striving to make software testing better, while also improving ourselves. Whether it’s new technologies or internal processes, we believe there’s always room for improvement.

  • We build our collective know-how in the field of testing systems, technologies, and tools by sharing all knowledge and findings. With us, it’s safe to ask questions and learn together in search of better answers.

  • Within the company, we look out for each other and are fair to each other. This allows us to create a company atmosphere in which talent, experience and personal skills can be enhanced. We take the same approach with our clients.

  • We continually look for ways to better serve not only our clients, but also the environment in which we operate. Whether through a values-based or ethical approach and by seeking new, sustainable solutions.

  • Everyone has their better and worse days. When someone is down, we don’t refuse to lend a helping hand when they need it. We believe that a professional failure is not a reason for criticism, but an opportunity for personal and career growth.

  • Every individual, whether a client or a team member, brings a unique background, set of needs, motivations, and aspirations to the table. We recognize and value these differences, ensuring that each person experiences a tailored approach that best suits their individuality.

About Us

  • 3,759

    bugs found
    It’s our job, it’s what we do best. Ensuring software excellence, we’ve tackled a huge number of bugs. You can rely on our QA testing.
  • 12+

    satisfied clients
    We do our job precisely and professionally and the result is that 90% of our clients had prolonged cooperation. Maybe you are our next client?
  • 30+

    testing specialists
    Our team has learned from many projects and different industries, and we’re always growing. Even better, almost everyone who joins us, stays with us.
  • 47

    completed projects
    We never get bored. Every project is different and that’s how we build our know-how. Every employee has room for their own growth.
  • 23,857

    coffees drunk
    Well, we like coffee. We’d be more than happy to have a chat with you over a great cup of coffee either in our office or somewhere in the city.
    We’ve been an ISTQB Gold Partner since 2021. ISTQB stands for International Software Testing and Qualifications Board. It’s an international non-profit organization that deals with standards and certification schemes in the field of software testing. And we are their proud Gold Partner.

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