Team Building in Eastern Slovakia: Kayaking Adventures with Colleagues

Veronika Valentová / 10.10.2023

Work is important, but who would want to sit in the office all year round? Certainly not us! At Moxymind, we believe that teamwork is the key to success, so we came up with an adventure that combined fun and collaboration. Our summer team building was unforgettable, and we’re happy to share our impressions of this adrenaline-pumping adventure in eastern Slovakia with you.

🌊 Riding the Rapids: Our Thrilling Kayak Expedition

During the weekend, our main goal was to float down the Hornád River, so kayaks became our faithful companions. After a team briefing and instructions, we found ourselves on the river. The Hornád offered us a beautiful scenery. During the first kilometers, we tried to adapt to the river and improve our kayaking skills. Several hours of kayaking were filled with excitement, laughter, and surprises.

🙌 Conquering Challenges as a Unified Team

The Hornád, however, had a few adrenaline-pumping moments in store for us when we had to react quickly and cooperate as a team to conquer rapids and narrow sections. Some of us capsized, even several times, which was a challenge in itself. But nothing stopped us! Even though we got a little wet and bumped, our determination remained strong. The instructor was an invaluable support, and thanks to him, we overcame the most challenging sections and completed our kayaking mission. The Hornád showed us that the river is unpredictable, and challenges can come at any time. Trust among team members was a key factor in our success. We had to listen to each other, communicate, and collaborate to get out of tough situations.

🍴 Celebrating Together: Savoring Success

Our adventure on the Hornád River took more time than we expected, so upon returning to solid ground, we headed straight to a shared dinner at the fantastic Rosto Steakhouse. It was a great opportunity to enjoy delicious food and celebrate our achievements and overcoming of our own limits.

🌟 Team Building Beyond the Office

The entire experience showed us that teamwork doesn’t have to be limited to the office. Team building can be fun, adventurous, and full of unforgettable moments. In our company, we believe that shared activities outside the workplace bring us together like nothing else. Whether our Hornád River adventure inspired you or entertained you, we hope you enjoyed our story.

📸 Explore the Moments

Of course, we’re sharing our best moments with you in the form photos so you can enjoy our smiles and our daring water stunts.

Veronika Valentová

I’m Veronika and I’m a dedicated HR professional with a passion for supporting and motivating teams. My psychology studies helped me, among other things, become empathetic and an effective listener. I love creating a company culture that values both learning and having a good time. Seeing my colleagues feel comfortable at work is my greatest reward.


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