Sharing of FTTH Infrastructure Between Telco Operators

Robert Majerech / 05.10.2023

Client’s situation

The project enables sharing of FTTH infrastructure between Telco operators. The aim of the project was to establish the technical, commercial and time frame of mutual wholesale cooperation between the Telco operator and a wholesale partner (“WS Partner”) in sharing passive FTTH infrastructure with subsequent use in providing broadband access services to end customers. The principle of cooperation lied in:

  • Symmetrical access to FTTH networks between the Telco operator and the WS Partner with a balanced mutually agreed number of connectable households;
  • Asymmetric access to FTTH Telco operator networks for the needs of the WS Partner with an agreed number of connectable households.

The Client was providing the wholesale product VULA for ISP partners. The Partner Gateway served as an ordering and notification system. This existing solution was reused and supplemented for the New VULA product within the new project. In addition to the existing solution, it was necessary to build new interfaces for passing information from the partner’s technical investigations to technicians and to enable the retrieval of port provisioning by the partner.

The partner created its wholesale solution, which enabled it to order services from companies on the partner network. It was necessary to issue new interfaces for sending orders, obtaining information from the partner’s technical investigations for root company technicians and invoking the client’s port configuration by technicians on the other Telco network.

Client’s expectations

  • Provide effective project Q&A supervision (Test Management support)
  • Support Project Streams in E2E system-integration testing
  • Plan and execution of E2E system-integration tests of agreed systems


3 full-time members:

  • 1× Test Manager / Principal Consultant
  • 2× Senior Technical Tester / Consultant

Our solution

The Moxymind team provided complete support to set up and prepare test strategy and whole test approach for the project, including:

  • Test planning
  • Effort estimation
  • Task identification
  • Scheduling
  • Issues, Tasks Tracking and Management
  • Reporting the test results for each test phase
  • Planning and coordination of System & Integration Tests, User Acceptance Tests, Regression Tests
  • Defining quality goals
  • Test Process definition & control (Test strategy)
  • Test coverage analysis
  • Communication to key stakeholders from the Business as well as from the Development team
  • E2E Test analysis and subsequent execution of test cases with evaluation of correctness behavior of tested systems.

Technologies and Tools

Siebel 7/8, TIBCO, Cramer, JIRA, MobileWorkForce/PAW, SOAPUI, HP ALM Quality Center

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