Migration of Core Banking System to Temenos Transact Solution

Marek Koperdák / 01.10.2023

Client’s situation

The Client’s project objective was to migrate the old Core Banking System (CBS) to the new solution (Temenos Transact) and to implement integration with the surrounding systems, which were necessary to Go Live as a Minimum Viable Product. The client had no dedicated testers for the given department, nor had any experience with test automation. Many interfaces had to be changed. Some systems were replaced completely (e.g. AML and KYC). Temenos’ delivery team operated on the Waterfall model with iterative delivery. The bank teams used agile methodology. There was an objective concern as to whether the planned Go Live was feasible within the given time. Many test cases had to be tested repeatedly, since the delivery was divided in 6 iterations and quality was very important.

Client’s expectations

  • Provide an effective automation solution of regression suite
  • Support project streams in backend technical testing
  • Plan and conduct performance and load test of agreed systems


6 full-time members:

  • 1× Test Automation Architect / Principal Consultant
  • 1× Senior Test Automation Engineer / Senior Consultant
  • 2× Test Automation Engineers / Consultant
  • 2× Senior Technical Tester / Consultant

Our solution

The Moxymind team provided complete support in leading and ensuring test automation for the project. After the initial analysis, the team defined test automation (TA) strategy/approach and communicated the most important ideas across all 7 project streams in order to have common objectives and understanding of testing processes. It was necessary to choose a reasonable amount of manual test cases for automation with respect to planned changes, feature delivery, test case priority, and time constraints.

For implementation of automated framework and tests, we applied an iterative approach. Continuous testing was introduced and regular nightly test runs were reported directly to JIRA. We established remote, parallel, and distributed test execution using a third-party service in order to shorten test run time and to provide test results in the fastest possible way. The TA framework was designed with respect to reusability, stability, and easy maintenance. Our team implemented backend as well as frontend automated tests and participated in interface, integration, system, and regression tests. Selected automated tests were used for mass volume test data preparation. TA results were regularly reported in summary views to the streams and project management. The team members worked closely with developers and consultants from other vendors in order to provide technical testing support, resolve defects as well as to understand new or changed requirements. For selected interfaces, the TA team planned, implemented, executed and reported Performance Tests. The goal was to find out how the system behaved under expected load and where the threshold was when the system had problems coping with the load.

Technologies and Tools

Java, Selenium, Serenity, SOAPUI, Postman, Rest-assured, Git, GitLab, Jira, Zephyr, ZAPI, Jenkins, BrowserStack, Apache JMeter, JMS, Kafka.

Client’s testimonial

Client’s Test Manager: “The bank has chosen Moxymind to support one of its most critical projects at the time – migration to a new core banking system. Close cooperation with the team allowed me to observe a fine blend of expertise, transparent communication, customer focus, and great teamwork. With this approach, the Moxymind Team met the expectations and delivered professional consulting, planning and implementation of Test Automation solution for functional, regression and performance testing.“

Marek Koperdák

I’m Marek, the founder of Moxymind. I value authenticity, continuous learning, and long-term relationships. Facing challenges, I seek to understand all involved parties and emphasize collaboration. Though not always the loudest, my genuine commitment and belief in people shine, pointing to a brighter future.


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